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    Low temperature economizer and heater system

    Low-temperature economizer- the re-heating system of condensing water and heating-water

    The heating system inside and outside of plant, using waste heat of flue gas, improves the efficiency of dust remove, saves water and power for desulphuration, and save coal for power generation.

     Low-temperature economizer- air heater


    Using waste heat of flue gas to heat 1st and 2nd air of boiler, effectively prevents low-temperature corrosion and block from air preheater, and extend lifetime of air preheater.

    High-efficiency heat transfer MGGH system of series materials

    To solve "Smog Rain" by using waste heat of flue gas, the cooler can be put in front of dust remover for improving dust remove, and put after dust remover for saving water and power of desulphuration.

    GGH of coal-fired desulfurization


    The raw flue gas temperature of coal fired boiler is about 120 to 140 before entering the desulfurization tower and the cleaning gas temperature is about 35 to 45 after desulfurization. Due to low temperature of cleaning gas, if direct discharge, a large amount of "white smoke" will

    form in the chimney outlet. The heat pipe GGH, heating the cleaning gas by the raw flue gas, heats the cleaning gas to 70 to 85 , solves the problem of "white smoke" at chimney, and reduces the raw flue gas temperature and volume to improve the efficiency of desulfurization and water consumption.

     Flow field simulation of flue gas waste heat recovery system



    The waste heat recovery system of flue gas, through the overall numerical simulation analysis, and reasonable arrangement of reverse flow facilities and heat transfer surface, make the flow field distribution uniform and CV value from 0.15 to 0.3, to ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the overall system.

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