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    Nanjing Shengnuo Heat Pipe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as "NSN") is a international engineering company for energy recovery and utility in various industries, which is engaged in the core of technology research & development and manufacture of high-efficiency heat transfer elements such as fin tube, heat pipe and no cutting rolling pipe etc., and takes EPC as the principle part of its business, as well as energy-saving equipment manufacture as its foundation. 

    Through more than 40 years of sustained efforts and persevering pursuit, the company has finally got the honor and taken pride in becoming the very only supporting setup as "The National Heat Pipe Technology Research & Promotion Center" and one of the main drafting units for National Industrial Heat Pipe Standard. Therefore, since then, NSN has undertaken series of energy conservation projects supported by the National Technological Plans, as well as multiple research topics in the international co-operations, among which dozens of its technological achievements have been granted the ministerial or provincial, and even national level awards, and also lots of the national patents. And meanwhile, its products have been distributed to energy-intense fields, such as metallurgical, petrochemical, chemical, power and construction material industries, and even overseas markets, as Russia, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and US etc. NSN is as usual and will surely uphold the principle of "complying with client's requirements and exceeding the expectation", presenting comprehensive and attentive service to global clients with its outstanding energy conservation technologies.

    Quality policy

    Innovate Heat Pipe Technology by Complying with International Standards for Energy Conservation

    Main business

    High efficiency heat transfer element and equipment for recovery and utilization of flue gas waste heat
    Whole scheme of industrial energy saving and emission reduction and complete set of equipment
    Flue gas waste heat recovery and utilization project general contracting
    General contracting of petrochemical and pharmaceutical engineering
    Development and engineering of frozen soil safety and geothermal utilization products


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